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What Our Clients Say...

My only regret was that I didn't come to GradSolutions earlier. It would've saved me months of frustration and rejections. I want to thank my Senior Consultant for helping me pass this important interview!
- Kevin Jones
Thank you for the continuous support and guidance! I love my new job and I will highly recommend your top quality service to all of my friends.
- Sarah Thompson
A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've been looking for a professional job for almost a year and I'm very grateful to finally secure my dream job.
- Jason Lee

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What Employers Say...

Finding the right career consultant is essential. Put simply, going with GradSolutions enhances the credibility of the job applicant and the branding says it all.
- David Fraser, CEO, Fit Financial Services
As an employer, I highly recommend job-seekers out there to seek GradSolutions’ assistance to gain the competitive advantage that Australian employers are looking for.
- Ian Alabakis, Managing Director, Alabakis Chartered Accountants
When I meet with a GradSolutions candidate, I know I will be meeting someone who is not only well qualified and confident, but is more likely to succeed in the whole interview process.
- Marie Bantis, Recruiter, Agenda Personnel
GradSolutions candidate always stand out from other candidates on paper and in person and hence, many GradSolutions candidates have been our successful applicants.
- George Thang, CFO, Imparts Australia
I highly recommend all job seekers to meet with GradSolutions for career advice and find out how you can be a stronger candidate.
- Simon Daniels, Principal Consultant, Independent Facilitators
Our advice to job seekers is to seek professional help from GradSolutions to improve and develop yourself in order to increase your chances of getting hired.
- Tim Molloy, Director, Promotive Pty Ltd

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Get the support and guidance you need to successfully secure the job you want. Stand out from your competition and be the top candidate today!

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Hiring the right staff is crucial for any business. We have talented and qualified candidates from various industries to help your business grow.

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News & Resources

Stay tuned with the latest in job market, upcoming careers & employment seminars and networking events.

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Our successful clients have inspired many to invest in their career. Read about their journey on how they achieved their dream job.

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